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Sunday, January 09, 2022

What's New At Green Man Review

It's been two weeks, we've staarted a new year, but Green Man Review, as always, comes through:
All things Batman; Ritter bars and other wonderful things
And the other wonderful things really are. Click on through and settle in on this chilly Januay day.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Today in WT?

I think tihs peaks for itelf. Via Joe.My.God.:
Raw Story reports:
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Monday accused Democrats of stealing elections by using completely legal methods of registering and convincing potential Democratic voters to support them. Writing on Twitter, Paul linked to an article published by the conservative Washington Examiner that detailed how Democrats flipped Wisconsin back to their side in the 2020 presidential election after narrowly losing it to former President Donald Trump in 2016
I really am speechless. Click through to Joe's post -- there are some wonderful reactions.

Sunday, December 26, 2021

What's New at Green Man Review

I remembered! The headline is very brief, so I'm just going to give yu the link and invite you to browse. Enjoy!

Speaking of Power-Hungry Hypocrites

Another bleated Christmas post, this one via Joe.My.God: T
he Christian Post reports:
The Satanic Temple of Illinois displayed a sculpture of an infant version of Baphomet in the state Capitol rotunda in Springfield Tuesday, which can be seen as “just another very sad attempt” by the devil to destroy Christmas, Graham told Fox News today.
As Joe points out in his post, the Satanic Temple is satire, generated by a group of atheists. Their website says specificially that Satan does not exist. According to Joe, Graham knows this -- but you can bet he's not going to let his followersin on the secret.

Belated Merry Christmas

Best Nativity scene ever. ourtesy o commenterPicky Pecker at Joe.My.God.

Saturday, December 18, 2021

On Morality

I ranacross this post by Hemant Mehta at Friendly Atheist and thought it was worth commenting on. For some reason, I can't copy and paste a quote, so I suggest you follow the link and read the post, or at least the first part of it, before reading my comments.

I've thought about the issue of morality a lot recently, and come to the conclusion hat our core moral value is a product of our existence as social primates: we take care of each other, because that benefits out group, and what beneits our group benefits the individuals in the group.

This core moral imperative is one that's shared by all religions, at least, all that I've run across. It's when you have priesthoods trying to control behaviors that it starts to get murky. (Think Leviticus, which in my opinion has nothing to do with any sort of real morality -- it's a tool for controlling the community.)

So the enext time yoou hear some preacher fulminating on the imoorality of such ahd such (send money), ask them if they are devoting resources to feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, comforting the afflicated.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

What's POssible

Whenn we dn't have idiots acting out all ovr the place. From NASA:
For the first time in history, a spacecraft has touched the Sun. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has now flown through the Sun’s upper atmosphere – the corona – and sampled particles and magnetic fields there.

The new milestone marks one major step for Parker Solar Probe and one giant leap for solar science. Just as landing on the Moon allowed scientists to understand how it was formed, touching the very stuff the Sun is made of will help scientists uncover critical information about our closest star and its influence on the solar system.

"Parker Solar Probe “touching the Sun” is a monumental moment for solar science and a truly remarkable feat," said Thomas Zurbuchen, the associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "Not only does this milestone provide us with deeper insights into our Sun's evolution and it's impacts on our solar system, but everything we learn about our own star also teaches us more about stars in the rest of the universe.”

As it circles closer to the solar surface, Parker is making new discoveries that other spacecraft were too far away to see, including from within the solar wind – the flow of particles from the Sun that can influence us at Earth. In 2019, Parker discovered that magnetic zig-zag structures in the solar wind, called switchbacks, are plentiful close to the Sun. But how and where they form remained a mystery. Halving the distance to the Sun since then, Parker Solar Probe has now passed close enough to identify one place where they originate: the solar surface.

There's a lot more information at the NASA link.

Via Joe.My.God.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Catching Up With Green Man Review

Did it again. Here's the latest from Green Man Review:
Mari Boine Persen live, Spidery things, Gwyneth on chestnuts and other late Autumn Matters
So click on over and enjoy.

Today in Crazy

In case you somehow manage to miss all the insanity coiming from the fringe right wing (which seems to e the only right wing that remains), here's a sample: Alex Jones, via Joe.My. God.:
So, they just think you’re stupid and they don’t want you knowing they are doing all of this, and they’ve got carbon systems they are putting in, that big, huge geoengineering systems, terraforming systems that are sucking carbon dioxide out of the air when it’s a trace gas that we need, and was hundreds of times higher millions of years ago than it is now.

That’s why plants and animals were so much bigger and healthier. But we’ve adapted to live in less air. This is insane, ladies and gentlemen. OK, so the question is did [Joe] Biden last February, this year, order the power turned off in Texas. T

hey did officially; they wouldn’t let them up the power. Now, we know that. So the question is did they use weather weapons to cause the tornadoes? That’s a legitimate question to ask.

What's depressing is that Jones actually has an augience, and they believe every word. "Weather machines"? Really?

Sunday, November 28, 2021

This Time at Green Man Review

Ye, it's that time again, and there's a new edition of Green Man Review ready for you:
Books about books, murder, witches, games and more; Chris Ware’s Acme Novelty Library; chocolate good and meh; indie rock, Americana, jazz, Latvian, and more music including a world bagpipe omnibus
And it's all waiting for you rigt over here.